Adherence supporting smartphone application

Vaica developed an App to be a complementary tool for the complete system solution.
This app strengthens the connection between various service providers and the end user- the patient.
It is scalable & adjustable, suited for any type of computer, tablet and/or smartphone. Can be customized and branded to fit the service providers system.

Medy's Unique features

  • Intuitive– step by step instructions make Medy user friendly for younger & elder patients.
  • Reminders –take your medication on time, every time, even if your device is asleep.
  • Data log– simple yet powerful, manages med quantities, reminders, dosages and more.
  • Health history– keeps track and saves years of your former med usage history.
  • Automatic Med Database– upload different types of medication, from a large database
  • Multiple Devices Sharing– get reminders at your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Blister view Choice– A clear weekly / biweekly / monthly view of your meds.
  • Traveling – reminders remain as scheduled.
  • Alert control – Switch On/ off your alerts at once.
  • Status & Refill – customized reports regarding upcoming refills and usage
  • Personalized Pills -select from a beautiful pack of images and colors that best suit you.
  • Security & secrecy– personal information is stored safely. No misuse guaranteed.