” It has been 3 months now since we started using SimpleMed – Vaica’s smart pill dispenser. SimpleMed supports my mother in her daily twice-a-day medication intake and reminds her about her eye drops. The idea and the implementation of SimpleMed prevents mistakes and is essential for my mother who forgets to take hers.
The SimpleMed unit starts reminding her gently by illuminating the cell from which she is supposed to take her pills – blinking for about an hour. If she ignores the blinking, the unit starts ringing and nudging her. Due to the fact that my mother does not like to take her medication, the call center also has a very essential role in the process and closes the loop. The call center also reminds us to refill the unit once a week. SimpleMed with its call center services gives a real peace of mind to the family.
To summarize, we are very pleased with SimpleMed and recommend it with warm-heartedness.”

Dina G.