“I am 86 years old and take 5 prescription medications twice a day. Before I got SimpleMed I used to have a daily routine of sitting with my list of prescriptions trying to figure out which medication I need to take and when. Sometimes I forgot to take them.
I am using SimpleMed for over a year now and it reduced my daily anxiety. I refill the unit once a week and take my medications regularly. The unit reminds me to take my medication and monitors me to make sure that I don’t forget or make any mistake. Sometimes it is a matter of life and death. Before SimpleMed my health status fluctuated and now I am balanced.
I am very happy with SimpleMed, pleased to recommend SimpleMed to anyone and I am sure I will be blessed for doing so.
Rivka, Michael’s wife says “As his wife I can testify that SimpleMed freed me from worrying whether my husband took his medications. I used to remind him all the time”

Michael S.