Leading clinical and financial benefits
    • Avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, visits & procedures
    • Supply the best, most advanced treatment to position your business as a hi-tech, innovative healthcare provider
    • Prompt detection of complications / symptoms- therefore reduces response time of health or med-oriented problems = lowers costs of treatment change and / or possible complications
    • Clinicians- immediate monitoring of MTM (Medication Therapy Management) errors
  • Revenue making:

    • Establish an ongoing relationship with the patient
    • Increase drug & in-store sale revenue.
    • Supply the best, most advanced treatment to position your business as hi-tech & innovative
    • New revenue generator based on a long term monthly fee business model
    • A completing service for an existing product line
    • Research presented to the Surgeon General has substantiated that deploying clinical pharmacy services returns $10 for each $1 invested.

    Cost saving:

    • Recruiting a new customer is more costly than preserving an existing one 
    • Broaden the patient’s medical support system- create a long lasting loyalty.
    • Real time monitoring of patient adherence leading to improved customer preservation
    • Vaica’s solution has elevated adherence from levels of 50% to sustainable levels of 96% and above.
    • Drug research & trials
    • Avoid 30 day re-admission fines
    • Assure care continuity

    Inadequate implementation of treatment has devastating consequences such as causing 33%-69% of all medication related hospital admissions in the US at a cost of 100$ billion.*

    *Mcdonnell PJ, Jacobs MR. hospital admissions resulting from preventable adverse drug reactions. Ann pharmacother.

    • Drug research, gathering priceless data
    • Increase costly drugs compliance
    • Tailor made solutions for special drugs & drug intake methods
    • All medical information gathered in one accessible portal
    • Outputs equations combining medicine & influence upon vital signs
    • First degree research tool for medicine combination influences

    Estimates of lost sales to the pharmaceutical industry due to consumers not filling or re-filling prescriptions: $25-70 Billion/Year*.

    *Datamonitor Research 2006 (as reported in New Jersey Star-Ledger, July 8, 2007)

    • Increase staff productivity & care quality = reducing personnel
    • Reduce unnecessary admissions
    • Non-adherence leads to up to 25% of hospital and nursing home admissions
    • Enlarging service basket = competitive edge
    • Positioning the business as a hi-tech, up to date, innovative facility
    • Additional transparent information system for closely monitoring residents easily
    • Management peace of mind- seamless & easy accessibility

    Inadequate implementation of treatment has devastating consequences such as causing 10%-25% of hospital & nursing home admissions, resulting in 340 deaths per day.*

    Zuger A. the other drug problem: forgetting to take them, new York times

Customize your product

Work Process
Research &

Understanding the specific needs & target markets, our team of professionals will suggest features and solutions for your approval.
Initial concept

Our designers will start working on a concept that will evolve into a prototype that fits your needs- both technical & visual.


We produce a working prototype for you & us to asses, improve and learn from during a detailed process of cooperation.
First series

We manufacture a first batch of the product in a small quantity according to what we have learned from the prototype.

Tests &

We run a set of QA, QC and controlled user experience tests as well as required standardization tests.

We deliver a finalized, tested, complete, tailor-made product :)