Adherence management system

Vaica’s complete adherence supporting solution is deployed, configured and controlled via a comprehensive patient compliance management portal.
The Management Portal enables service providers to view, analyze & manage patient’s care;
The portal makes it easy to synchronize data received from medication adherence and telehealth devices and to set up automatic reminders,
notifications and reports to patients, caregivers, and other medical care providers.

How does The Portal work?

Manage multiple patients, caregivers & devices

Personalized settings and preferences to fit the patient and caregiver needs

Customized adherence / health data reports

vaica portal screens

Portal Unique features

  • Multiple Managing– patients, caregivers & devices per patient
  • Simple sophistication- easy to use yet elaborate outputs.
  • Saving time & money- remote but close, consistent monitoring.
  • Remote configuration- program intake times, messages, reminders, etc’
  • Secure- for authorized use only
  • Customization– customized with your own logo & company details.
  • Responsive – operable from any computer / tablet / smartphone
  • Quick Integration  with other software systems via our Open API
  • Wide Telehealth solution – manage peripheral vital sign monitors